What kind of items can you create?

I have built bowls (solid wood and segmented), vases, boxes (spline, dovetailed, box joint, mitered), chairs (dining and rocker), cabinets (free standing and built-in), stools (children and adult sizes), tables (french country and farmhouse), spoons, plates, desks (built-in and free standing).


How does the custom ordering process work?

Email me at woodbridgeworkshop@gmail.com com, and tell me about the types of items you are currently considering.  If you aren't sure about what kind of item you want, we can discuss possible items that meet you needs and desires.  For example, if you want a box, we can select the appropriate shape, size, joinery, hardware, materials, and finish.  From start to finish, you will be able to follow along in the design and construction of your one of a kind item.  Pictures of the project can be made available either privately, or on the website through Instagram.  This will not be your local super-center shopping experience.


How is your pricing determined?

Materials cost can fluctuate the overall price of your item.  Exotic woods can carry exotic prices, however domestic options with complementary stains are potential avenues to keep the cost within your budget.  Once we discuss your vision, we can begin the discussion of materials.   


What if there are (ack!) issues with a piece?

Wood is a natural material, and occasionally (despite our best efforts), wood moves more than expected.  In the event that wood movement impacts the condition of your item, we will stand behind our work 100%.  Often wood movement can appear to cause complicated fixes, however simple solutions are often available.  Fear not, we're here to make it right.


How long does it take to make a custom piece?

This all depends on the nature of the item you want created.  Smaller items such as bowls, cups, spoons, cutting boards, and similar home goods can be created with minimal lead time. These can make fantastic gifts!  If however, you want a more intricate piece, the time for construction can be longer.  Prior to starting on the construction of any piece, we'll discuss the required delivery date of your item.  We pride ourselves on hitting deadlines!